Property is listed within the county in which it is being sold. You may use the active Oregon map found on our home page to select a county. Click on any county to find the listing(s) posted for that county.

On some county pages, additional information about the sale may be found via links (see supporting documents/photos column). This is not legally required and all Sheriffs’ Offices may not choose to post additional information electronically. Contact information for each Sheriff’s Office is provided at the top of each county sales’ page. 

POSTPONEMENT OR CANCELLATIONS: A sale may be postponed or cancelled from the originally scheduled and advertised date on this site. You may contact the Sheriff’s Office selling the property for the latest information. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE – The Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association is not responsible for the content of notices published on this website. Any errors or omissions are the responsibility of the party requesting the posting. The OSSA does not review or alter documents submitted for posting. Parties requesting posting should carefully review the document for legal sufficiency and accuracy before submitting to OSSA for posting.

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