Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association Legal Notices Website

This website has been established for all Oregon Sheriffs to have an internet site to publish the legal notices required in ORS 18.860 to ORS 18.993. Posting Notices of Sale on this website in lieu of traditional methods allows the notice to reach a larger audience and keeps up with our citizens desire to use technology as a source of information. 

  • Personal Property is posted on this site a minimum of a full 10 days prior to the date scheduled for sale.
    • Cost for publication
      • $330.00 (cost includes up to 2 photos)
      • $50.00 for up to 4 additional photos
  • Real Property is posted on this site a minimum of a full 28 days prior to the date scheduled for sale.
    • Cost for publication
      • $330.00 (no photos included)
      • $50.00 for up to 4 photos

OSSA’s sole function in relation to Sheriffs’ Sales of real and personal property is to post legal notices as authorized by ORS 18.924. OSSA has no further information about the items offered for sale, or the case that led to the sale. Please direct all inquiries about a pending sale to the Sheriff’s Office or the judgment creditor. 

Not all pending Sheriffs’ Sales are posted on this site. Real Property sales are advertised on this site in addition to publishing in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the real property is located. Current state law provides that the judgment creditor direct the Sheriff which advertising method to use for the personal property being sold whether it is posting in three public places or advertising on this site. Postponements and cancellations are not required to be posted or published by the sheriff. 

All property ads posted on this site are published through the Sheriff’s Office conducting the sale. ANY questions about a sale or how to publish on this site should be addressed to the Sheriff’s Office where the property is located. Contact information is available under each county. Do not contact OSSA. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE – The Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association is not responsible for the content of notices published on this website. Any errors or omissions are the responsibility of the party requesting the posting. The OSSA does not review or alter documents submitted for posting. Parties requesting posting should carefully review the document for legal sufficiency and accuracy before submitting to OSSA for posting.


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